Applications usage tracking in Android

25 Sep 2016

Applications usage tracking in Android

Some users have noticed that Google actually tracked elements their usage of applications on Android mobile devices. For example, it can display the game or applications which user used in recent times. It may not be issue for most of users, but some prefer to keep this information private instead of getting it recorded by Google. It is however, possible to prevent Google from saving this personal data from account settings. Following steps can be used for it.

Log into your Google account on the website and visit "My Account" page. From the section "Personal Info and Privacy" select "Manage Your Google Activity". Permissions can be managed from these individual sections.

Web & App Activity: Enabling it allows Google to save your search activity on applications and browsers to make searches faster and to get customized experiences in Search and Maps.

Location History: It creates a private map of where user goes with signed-in devices and provides improved map searches and commuting routes.

Device Information: It stores contacts, calendars, apps and other device data.

Voice & Audio Activity: It helps Google to recognize user voice and improve speech recognition by storing voice and audio inputs in account.

YouTube Search History: It collects YouTube searches to make future searches faster and enhance recommendations.

YouTube Watch History: Google stores this information to make it easier to find recently watched videos by user on YouTube and improve recommendations.





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