Augmented Reality in Smartphone Applications

01 Oct 2017

Augmented Reality in Smartphone Applications

Augmented Reality is one of the most interesting topics of the virtual reality of Android games.
There is a great difference between the real and the virtual reality and when these two realities merge together at a point, it makes a mixed reality. The Augmented reality is like a grouping or combination of the real scene viewed by the user and a virtual scene created by the processor that augments the scene with extra information.
This extra information includes any tags, pictures and historical events etc.
Augmented Reality improves the perception of the user, by making a better view of the nearby objects.
The main objective that Augmented Reality has to make sure that not to make any difference between the real and virtual environment.
It should be in such a way that users feel like it is actually a real scene or environment and the virtual images are merged with the real view to create the augmented display.
The system generated virtual objects in form of graphics must be correctly displayed with the real world in all dimensions.
These objects are has to be maintained while the user moves or changes the direction from one place to another.
The number is growing Smartphones, and it is also on the level of processing power and memory in mobile phones, so augmented reality is getting enhanced passing days.
The augmented reality often work behind the image of markers that are included in the print media and film can be hidden until the symbol for a suitable period appears to define in a stable position for the applications and games.
In recent times, it is popular to create a 3D representation of a product like a racing car or a motor bike, and these be used as an overlay to a marker. This allows the consumer to see a 360-degree image of the product.

Applications of Augmented Reality include direction finding android apps use augmented reality and GPS to make it easier for the user to reach from once point to another. With the advanced technology in computing systems and related technology, gaming applications like Pokemon go are using augmented reality to provide great user experience.

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