Google Pixel 2 Camera Review

05 Nov 2017

Google Pixel 2 Camera Review

Pixel 2 is premium flagship smartphone from Google and is successor of pixel 1. It's features are comparable to top smartphones like galaxy s8 and iPhone x. It has Amoled display and running on Android 8.0 Oreo. The highlight of this device is its camera quality.

It has 12.2 MP camera with features like OIS, EIS and dual LED flash. Picture quality of rear camera is exceptional in day time or in low light conditions. Pictures taken are sharp, accurate and have great colour details. Pixel 2 has f1.8 aperture and it is reflected in photos. It doesn't have dual camera like other high end mobiles, but it's single lens capture capture accurate photos. Google uses AI and depth mapping algorithm to blur photos background. The portrait mode photos are comparable to latest iphone portrait photos. It has motion photos which are few seconds video and is played as gif image when user press holds it. The front selfie camera is 8 MP and have f2.4 aperture. It's picture quality is also great and also has portrait mode.

The videos captured from its both cameras are stable and have excellent details and sharpness. The camera app is also very fast and provide great photography experience. It is one of the best camera smartphone available. Pixel 2 other features include 4 GB ram, snapdragon chipset, 2700 mah battery and fast charging. It has great support for multitasking and user can execute multiple applications at the same time. It doesn't hang when playing games or using other resource intensive applications. Overall, it is high quality smartphone with best quality features like camera and performance.

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