Important difference between various country specific versions of mobile phones

17 Dec 2016

Important difference between various country specific versions of mobile phones

On various websites, user can choose from the country specific variants of the smartphones. There is less difference in prices and have some other differences like language and bands etc. Following are some important differences between them.

Default language depends on the language of the country the mobile bought. This default language can be changed and usually 99% of all languages are available in these smartphones.

They have different baseband and is not very important for international variants, but carrier-exclusive models sometimes come with some bands disabled, so it can't be used in other carriers' networks.

Pre-installed apps in some countries are mostly used and in other countries have different apps. This depends on local availability and local developers trying to get their application around using a different way.

Included accessories are sometimes different as more accessories are bundled in some country than in another. These are usually screen protectors. Also, some smartphone colors are available in only limited countries.

Warranty often depends on the country of sale. So user may need to send phone via international parcel services.  Warranty is generally valid everywhere within the European Economic Area. However, there is no major difference in chipset, CPU, memory, operating system etc. if not specifically mentioned.

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