Important features of Corning Gorilla Glass

28 Sep 2017

Important features of Corning Gorilla Glass

Corning is a world leader in glass and ceramic products, and has been innovating in these materials since 1851. The company develops
component-level technical products that are integrated into systems made by its customers.

Major innovations produced by Corning include glass envelopes for light bulbs, shatter-proof, optical fiber and cover glass for touch-enabled displays. Corning has helped to light the world, bring TV into our culture and fashion into our kitchens, clean up the pollution in our cities, wire the internet across the oceans, and enable the touchscreens on smartphones and tablets.

Gorilla Glass is Corning’s most recent large business, the initial concept was considered in 2007 with focused effort it has developed to where today it is the product of choice for many portable electronic devices. It was developed out of the revolutions in wireless communications, miniaturization of computing power, and touch screen technology. These three trends combined in the latest years to produce the smartphone, a powerful computer small enough to fit in a shirt pocket or clutch and equipped with radio technology that allowed users to access the internet anywhere, at any time.

Touch screens have created an entirely new role for glass being the functional interface between humans and machines. The cover material of a touch screen has to provide three functions: enable user input, protect the display beneath it, and transmit the information on the display to the user even after years of use. Thus the material has to be mechanically durable, scratch resistant, thin, stiff, dimensionally stable, flat, smooth, impermeable to water, and transparent to both visible light and radio waves.

Great progress has been made in the science and technology of glass composition and forming enabling vast improvements in the strength, transmission, damage tolerance, cost, performance, and quality of cover glass while reducing the environmental impact. As a result, Corning Gorilla Glass is used on devices from watches and cell phones to tablets and automobiles, on product lines from major brands. But even with all these improvements, glass still breaks and requires significant energy and capital to manufacture. Thus there is a large opportunity for engineers and technologists to explore and discover new strong scratch resistant materials, solve material interaction problems, and further reduce the environmental impact of making such materials.

The latest glass is just as thin and light as previous versions, but has been developed to deliver dramatically improved damage resistance allowing improved in-field performance. Corning Gorilla Glass has been tested for performance when subjected to sharp contact damage.

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