Resolving Errors in Android Mobile Phones

26 Nov 2017

Resolving Errors in Android Mobile Phones

Resolving Errors in Android Mobile Phones
Some users report that smartphones running Android displays error when try to download a file from Google Chrome and get the error message that "getfileattachment download failed due to missing sd card".
The SD card works fine as pictures captured from the camera are saved there and other workarounds like force stopping chrome, denying and reenabling permission, and clearing cache as shown on youtube videos do not resolve issue. Some SD card display warning that the card is old and this might result in suboptimal performances.

Data can be cleared from chrome by following way

Go into your phone settings>application manager >chrome>storage>manage space>clear data

Clearing data in chrome will delete all your history in the app, unless you were signed into your Google account, in that case it will all come back as soon as you sign again.

External SD card can be formatted as follows

Back up mobile device data
Go to device “Settings”, then select “Storage”.
Select the "SD Card", then tap the “three-dot menu“ (top-right), now select “Settings” from in there.
Now select “Format as internal”, and then “Erase & Format”.
The SD Card will now be formatted as internal storage.
Reboot mobile phone.

In Android devices, apps often crash irregularly and it sometimes affect phone performance. When an Android app crashes or terminates irregularly, there is possibility that task keep running even though it's inaccessible. For example, when a Windows app MS Excel like crashes either by internal error or because of a programmatic error, and then user restart Excel, the Windows Task Manager will sometimes display multiple instances of the application .
If the app crashes the application will restart most probably by default and continue in background. You cannot execute multiple instances of the same app in android. The clear memory button in settings is used to free the memory occupied by all running apps and the apps will restart. It should not be used frequently because the apps will occupy the space again and it will take more power and processing power to free the memory and reload the apps. User does not need to be concerned with resource usage, android operating system is can manage resources efficiently. User should not keep unnecessary apps in the phone or large media files that are not required by mobile device.

Whenever user install an application from the Play Store, user should pay attention to permissions, ratings, reviews by existing users, etc. before installing it on your device.

When you install an app, it asks you a bunch of questions like what all things it needs access to  SD CARD, telephony resources, system tools, etc. Even without root access, a malicious app can do lots of damage to android mobile phone, if user permit them these resources.

If user restore the smartphone to factory settings, user can lose updates and settings. Performing a factory reset on an Android device does not remove Android OS upgrades, it simply removes all user data. This includes the following:

Apps downloaded from Google Play Store, or apps moved to SD Card
Preferences and data for all apps, downloaded or pre-loaded on the device and it includes call/SMS/MMS logs, contacts, saved games, etc.
Personalized system settings like saved Wi-Fi networks and passwords, etc
Google or Yahoo accounts along with saved credentials.

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