Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Camera Review

22 Oct 2017

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Camera Review

Samsung galaxy note 8 has dual 12 MP camera with one having f1.7 aperture and other with f2.4 aperture. It has dual tone led flash and finger print sensor near to it. This device has ability to shoot 4k videos and 60 frames per seconds. The front selfie camera is 8mp with f1.7 aperture and autofocus lens. Both rear and front cameras include hdr, geotagging, face smile detection and other advanced features.

There are many ways to access the camera which includes double click the power button or basically from camera icon on home screen. Galaxy note 8 has live focus feature which allows to blur the background like iphone 8 and other top flagship smartphones. However, with note 8, user can adjust the background blur according to light conditions. There are different modes available including pro mode which allows you to adjust iso, whitebalance, auto focus and other settings. Virtual shot mode allows to take virtual shot of the surroundings and other modes like panorama and slow motion are also available in camera app. From settings, user can change picture size, video quality and timer etc.

The camera speed is amazingly fast and multiple pictures can be captured maintaining the quality of pictures. In low light conditions, quality of pictures is also great as compared to its predecessors. Detecting and utilizing the light conditions have become primary features of modern smartphones and note 8 capture very well in day light or other light conditions. It is able to preserve image details even for images at significant distance. It's zoomed video quality is much better than its current competitors. Optical image stabilization also works well to prevent shaking while capturing pictures. Overall, camera of this mobile phone is exceptional and people can use its advanced features with minimal effort.

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