Snapchat Spectacles can record real life activities

26 Sep 2016

Snapchat Spectacles can record real life activities

Snapchat has introduced new camera-equipped glasses which will arrive this fall. It is first wearable from company which was founded five years ago and the glasses look like a pair of regular sunglasses, but have capability of real life recording.

These spectacles can record ten second videos captured with a fish-eye lens. User can tap a button located near the glasses’ hinge and it will start recording videos in a circular format which simulates a human’s field of view. They capture videos in a 115-degree field of view, which is typically not available in smartphones and action cameras already in the market. Recorded data can be synced with mobile phone to quickly share your memories over Snapchat.

It has LED indicator that indicates others user is recording. Recorded videos can be transferred to smartphone over Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, and saved in the Snapchat application. These Spectacles can record videos in circular format and user can play them in a circle in the app or can be made fullscreen.

Spectacles will be rolled out to the market gradually and the company will also change its name to Snap Inc in future. It will be interesting to watch that how these Spectacles will perform in the market. This kind of product was earlier introduced by other companies, but did not result much success.

Concerns were raised by various sources regarding the intrusion of privacy, by using the device in public and recording people without their formal permission. Google glasses had features like touchpad, HD video recording, third party applications and voice actions.
Snapchat spectacles have price of $130 and will be available in black, teal and orange color variants.

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